Spirit Ways
Serving the Spirtiual Community since 2011

I prefer to do all my Readings face to face rather
than distance Readings.  Please Email me and check when I am free

Tarot Cards / Psychic Readings
Using the Mysteries of the Tarot I will help you to answer
questions about your Life, Love, Work and Money. This can also
involve some eleiments of Mediumship. 30.00

Reiki / Crystal Treatments
For more information please see the Reiki Page on this site.  30.00
Distant Healing avaiable please ask 25.00

Charkra Balancing
Rebalancing your Charkra allows the Universal energy to flow
through you, opening up your mind and
energy centres.  30.00

Psychic Life Path Reading.
Using a combination of Numerology, Tarot and Oracle cards and my own Psychic Gift.  I will map out for you your life path, Things to watch out for, Spiritual Path, and much more.   I can Post or Email you your personalised Psychic Report 20.00

House Clearance
Negative and stale energy collect in your house and will need to be removed from time to time.  30.00

Sacred Space Blessing
I will Bless your new Zen Den, treatment room, Meditation space.   Protection put in place and the higher energys called in 50.00

One to one Development Guidance 30.00 per hours
Do you have the Gift?   Do you need one to one Developemnt?   Expert advice and guidance from my 6 years working with Spirit.