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My Spiritual friends and contacts.
  I share my friends and contacts with you as I believe people of Spirit should support each other in real terms as well as in Spiritual
Jean Hallam, Phd  Master Reiki teacher in the angel of light initiation/Angel practitioner

Jeanie is an great frend that I have done many Fairs and events with.   Jeanie is based in South Yorkshire.    Jeanie is a wonderful teacher as well as a gifted Angel worker.   Jeanie has helped me devlop in many ways along my path.
Jeans Face book page

Penny Dimmick, Reiki Master

Penny is my Reiki Master and has really helped me in developing my Psychic
Gifts as well as teaching me the art of Reiki.  Penny works out of Lee-On-Solent

You can contact Penny through the above link or via her Facebook page

Debi Addison

The ever so Lovely Debi, a really good friend.  Debi works out of Gosport, Hampshire.   Angel Card Readings, Crystal Healing, Reiki and all sort's of other Therapys.    Debi is my Crystal Healer Teacher.  You can get hold of Debi through her website
Rachael Setford

Rachaels Reiki and Beyond

Rachael is a very gift Healer and Reader. Rachael works out of Winchester, Hampshire.   Another one of my dear friends that has helped me through my development.   Me and Rachall did our Reiki Master Certifcate togther.   You can get hold of Racheal through her Facebook Page
Clairvoyant Medium Greg Smith  

Greg has a wonderful way with Spirit and does a lot of our "Evenings and Psychic suppers"    Greg works out of Bournemouth.   You can contact Greg through his Facebook page

Laureen Summerfield - Summerfields Reiki & Treatments

Laureen is a very gifted healer, as well as a lovely person with a deep Soul.  Laureen oftern comes with me to fairs and events.  Laureen works out of Hermitage, West Berkshire.   You can contact Laureen through her facebook page

Nici Gorman - Life Coach

Nici works out of Southampton, Hampshire.  She runs many life inspireing courses and events in and around the Southampton Area as well as a weekly group in Chandles Ford.  You can contact Nici through her facebook page
Magenta Catz - Medium, Reiki Master, Dragon Healer

A well know personality on the Southampton circuit and some one I'm happy to call a friend.  straight talking and no messin, she'll tell it like it is.  You've never had a good reading till you've had one from Magenta.  You can contact her through her facebook page
Ann Noble - Soul Balance Therapy

Ann is very knowledgabl, with a wise soul.  Anns therapy will help you realise things that are holding you back.  Be that past life or Karmic facters.  Ann has a wealth of experance and wisdom at her finger tips and you will benefit from an afternoon with her.  You can contact Ann through her facebook page Ann is based in Swindon, Wiltshire.